Pray 4 Kisumu County


Governor - Hon. Anyang’ Nyongo

Kisumu County is the largest city in Western Kenya and one of the oldest settlements in Kenya. The name “Kisumu” comes from the Dholuo word “kisuma kikelo” which refers to a place where people meet to exchange goods.

Challenges: corruption, poverty, unemployment, water hyacinth menace.

Prayer points:

1.    Pray for the County Government of Kisumu. Pray for wisdom and integrity in the leadership. Pray for God’s guidance as the County leadership seeks to remedy the ills affecting the county.

2.    Pray for a permanent solution to the hyacinth problem. The rotting water hyacinth is now rotting and polluting the lake water.

3.    Pray for unity in the body of Christ in the county. Pray against cults and false teachings. Pray for a spiritual awakening among believers.

4.    Break the spiritual strongholds of darkness over the county.

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